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Manchester Soccer Association

Contact Info

By Mail: 

Manchester Soccer Association
PO BOX 626
Manchester, MI 48158

 By Email:

Jeff Sangster
[email protected]
Please contact Jeff with questions regarding:

  • General Club direction
  • Community Relations
  • School Relations
  • Website/Facebook
  • Your willingness to VOLUNTEER in any way
  • Any question not answered somewhere on this website
  • Any question not replied to within 24 hours by one of the fine people listed below

VP of Travel Soccer

Matthew Hittle
[email protected]
Please contact Matthew regarding:

  • Travel Program specific questions
  • Travel Policies and Procedures
  • Travel Coach/Parent/Ref Issues
  • Travel Scheduling
  • Travel Try-outs
  • Your willingness to VOLUNTEER in any way with the Travel Program

VP of Recreational Soccer

Tracey Hittle
[email protected]
Please contact Tracey with questions regarding:

  • Rec Registration
  • Rec Program specific questions
  • Rec Policies and Procedures
  • Rec Coach/Parent/Ref Issues
  • Rec Scheduling
  • Your willingness to VOLUNTEER in any way with the Rec Program


[email protected]
Please contact Jeff Sangster at [email protected] with questions regarding:

  • Travel Registration (for Rec Registration please contact our VP of Rec above)
  • Background Checks


Katie Brinkman
[email protected]
Please contact Katie with questions regarding:

  • Payments
  • Receipts


Michelle Boehmer
[email protected]
Please contact Michelle with questions regarding:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting dates/times/locations

Keith Bennett
[email protected]



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