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Fall 2020 Rec Program Update:

Hello Manchester Soccer Families,

Here is a new update (Sep. 21, 2020) regarding the Fall 2020 recreation soccer program in Manchester. 

The results of the recent inquiry regarding participation in rec. showed a 50/50 split between those families that want to participate in a fall recreation program, and those that are going to sit-out this fall due to the COVID concerns and/or face covering rule.

Given the probable low participation rate, a traditional rec. program will, most likely, not be effective (same teams playing each other over and over). In lieu of a traditional rec. program, Manchester SA has decided to take a similar approach to the winter futsal program.  That is, to have a free “drop in” program on select fall Saturdays that would offer 1 to 2 hour sessions of skills training, followed by scrimmages.  This would enable players to have the opportunity to continue learning, and experience an actual game setting in the scrimmages. 

These sessions will be managed by volunteer coaches from Manchester SA as well as Manchester HS varsity soccer players.  The sessions will be at Alumni field pending approval from Manchester Community Schools (this is a key point).

Our target is to begin these sessions Saturday the 26th depending on field availability and extend into November weather permitting.  There may also be some sessions during the week, depending on coach availability.  We will ask that families be flexible and watch communication from Manchester SA closely for session timing.

Registration is still required so that we can establish lines of communication, but there will be no cost to families.  Depending on any field maintenance costs, a small donation may be requested.  Registration will open once Manchester SA receives approval to use Alumni field from MCS.  Manchester SA will send out a follow up email/notification when registration is live.

For those that participate, there will be COVID protocols that must be maintained.  This includes, but not limited to:

  • Face coverings worn at all times
  • Bring your own sanitized soccer ball and handle only your own soccer ball during the training sessions.
  • Bring your own water, and do not share water with other players
  • Spectators are to practice social distancing and have face coverings
  • Health assessment self-screening prior to participation

The full list of COVID protocols can be found here:

To summarize, Manchester SA feels that it is important to offer some type of soccer program for the fall.  Many nearby communities have cancelled their traditional fall rec. programs.  Manchester SA is passionate about building our local soccer program and feel that this offering is a very good alternative during the COVID uncertainty.

Thank you,
Scott Somerville
Manchester SA President

Recreation Program Information

Welcome to Manchester Rec Soccer! We offer a fun, safe, low-key environment where your player can enter the world of team sports. Soccer, like perhaps no other sport, can be enjoyed at any skill level, with the least amount of equipment needed of any team sport. There’s a reason soccer is unchallenged as the most popular sport in the world. Played everywhere from dirt lots to world-class stadiums holding 100,000+ chanting and screaming fans. With a fan base of over 3 BILLION…soccer is a sport that welcomes everyone, and can be played by anyone.

Forget expensive gear, forget complicated rules. All soccer needs is open space, something to kick…and kids willing to have a great time under the sun.

Let’s get our kids off the couch, smell the grass, and have some fun. : )



  • When will Rec Registration open?  Rec Registration opens Mid Jan for the Spring season and Mid July for the Fall season.
  • How do I register?  To register, you must sign up for an MSA account using the link at the upper right hand corner or simply click HERE.  Once you have signed up for an MSA account, you may register for any available program including Rec Soccer using the REGISTRATION INFO tab or simply click HERE.  If you do not see a Rec Registration option, Rec Registration is closed.
  • When do the seasons start?  The Spring season usually begins in late April, while the Fall season usually begins the second week of September.
  • How long is the season?  The season is usually 6 weeks long, with games played on the weekends.
  • When are games played?  Rec games are usually played on Saturday mornings, with games at 9am, 10am and 11am.
  • When are practices?  There is usually one short practice sometime during the week, depending on your coaches' schedule.
  • What are the ages for your Rec Program?  We have U5, U7, and U9 Divisions. 
  • How are teams divided? Rec teams will be divided by birth year.
  • My player is 3, but she's reaaaaaallly wants to play. Can she?  MSA does not currently have a "Little Kickers" program for those players 3 and younger (however if you would like to volunteer to START and run such a program that would be fantastic!).
  • My player is AWESOME, can he play up an age group?  We encourage players at the rec level to stay within their peer group, as team building is as important at this level as skill development.  Please contact our VP of Rec at [email protected] if you have any further questions.
  • Are there boys teams and girls teams?  The teams at the rec level are coed.
  • What if they're aren't enough players to form a team?  We do everything within our ability to find a spot for every child that wants to play.  If Manchester just doesn't have enough U8 players (for example)...we will call local clubs to see if they want to combine for that age group.  If this doesn't work, that player's money is refunded.
  • What does the season usually cost?  Our Rec fees vary depending on the amount of players, new equipment, volunteer levels, school imposed fees, etc.  Our current Rec U6/U8/Academy fee is $65.  Because of the disruption to our teams and hardship for our club volunteers, late registrations cannot be accepted.  Please be aware of registration due dates and register on time.
  • Is there financial assistance available? Yes, we want everyone who would like to play for Manchester to be able to play for Manchester, regardless of their financial situation. Please download our Financial Assistance Form located under the RESOURCES tab above, and be sure to submit it by the applicable deadline.
  • What are our fees used for?  Many items, such as paint, porta potties, mowing, field and coaches equipment, insurance, flyers, yard signs, banners, scholarships, etc overlap both rec and travel, and therefore MSA has a general fund for those items.  Recently, for example, the general fund was used to buy new nets at a cost of around $1,200.  Having a general fund benefits and keeps costs lower for all of our players.
  • What equipment does my player need?  Shoes, shinguards and a size 3 ball.  That's it.
  • What will practice be like?  This depends on the coach.  Usually practice is once a week for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  It's typically low-key, with fun team-building games that simultaneously develop skills.
  • Where do we get our Coaches?  Our fantastic coaches are volunteers who usually, but don't always have their kids on their team.
  • I'd like to be a hero to the kids of Manchester...can I be a coach?  You bet!  Just contact our VP of Rec at [email protected] or come to one of our Board meetings.  There is no experience required, just a simple background check and you are on your way to hero status!
  • When will my coach be contacting me?!!!  This part is like herding cats : )  Please be patient as all of our coaches are volunteers, and often first-time coaches.  Sometimes it takes a while to find those great volunteers who are willing to step up and coach.  Sometimes we have to wait for parents to complete registration forms.  Sometimes we have incorrect or missing contact information.  Sometimes emails end up in spam folders.  Sometimes our volunteers are enjoying vacations like normal people ; )  If you have still not been contacted within a week of games starting please contact our VP of Rec at [email protected]  Currently our VP of Rec position is open.  [email protected] emails are being forwarded to MSA's President.  Be assured, we will all do our best to get back with folks in a timely manner.
  • Who do I contact with questions not answered above?   Please contact our VP of Rec Soccer at [email protected]



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