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Travel FAQ

  • What are the differences between Rec and Travel Soccer?  Travel soccer is for the player who wants to take her soccer skills to the next level.  More is expected of the player (and families).  Focus, dedication, practice at home.  Travel soccer seeks to develop a true team/club culture, with the comaraderie that only a team environment can achieve.  The goal is to win AS A TEAM, and to teach each player how their part accomplishes that goal.  We seek out players who have great attitudes, who are motivated and most importantly who are coachable!
  • Is there travel involved in Travel Soccer?  YES!  If there weren't, it would just be called "Soccer" ; ) Away games, of which there are usually four, are generally within an hour of Manchester, with families driving themselves or carpooling.
  • When are games played?  Games are usually (but not always) played on the weekends and may be scheduled any time the sun is shining.  Some games may be played on weekdays depending on your team and the other team's unique scheduling needs.  Coaches complete and post the game schedules at the beginning of the season.
  • What league does MSA play in?  MSA is now primarily affiliated with the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL).  For more information on CASL please visit their website HERE.
  • What are the ages for your Travel Program?  Ages for our travel teams range from 8-15 years.  We occasionally have a U19 HSO team for our off-season high school aged players.
  • What is the cutoff date for birthdays?   A player's age eligibility is based on birth year.  For example, all players born in 2007 would be in the same group, regardless of grade.  This policy is set by our parent organizations to align us with the rest of the world.  More information may be found HERE.
  • Are the travel teams coed?  Travel teams are normally either boys or girls, but girls can play on the boys' teams if numbers are needed.
  • What if they’re aren’t enough players to form a team?  We do everything within our ability to find a spot for every player.  WE WANT YOU TO PLAY! If Manchester just doesn’t have enough U10 players (for example)…we will call local clubs to see if they want to combine for that age group.  If this doesn’t work, the player’s money is refunded.
  • What does the season usually cost?  MSA has gone to a flat fee of $130 per season (not including uniforms) for all teams without paid coaches.  To put that in perspective...some of the clubs we play charge $750, $1000 or more...PER SEASON.
  • How much are uniforms?  Uniforms are generally less than $100 and are used for 2 years (4 seasons) if the style remains available.
  • Is there financial assistance available?  Yes, we want everyone who would like to play for Manchester to be able to play for Manchester, regardless of their financial situation.  Please download our Financial Assistance Form HERE, and be sure to submit it by the applicable deadline.
  • Where do we get our Coaches?  Our fantastic coaches are volunteers who usually, but don’t always have their own kids on their team.  We occasionally have paid coaches if that option is parent driven.
  • When does the season start?  Fall season usually starts the first week of September, while Spring usually begins the second week of April.  Coaches will inform you of your team's practice start date.
  • How long is the season?  The season is about 8 weeks long, with games usually (but not always) played on the weekends.
  • What equipment does my player need?  Shoes, shinguards and a ball.  That’s it.  Ain't soccer awesome?!!!
  • What are practices like?  There are generally 2 practices a week that run one and a half to two hours, depending on the coach.  Practices are more intense than at the rec level, with more focus expected from the players.
  • Who do I contact with further questions, or to volunteer as a coach or ref?   Please email us at [email protected]

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